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American Dream Tax 

All Your Needs for Business Success


Our Accounting/bookkeeping services includes the following services:

  • Help you get accurate financial statements and tax return
  • Find and correct any accounting errors in your company books.
  • Maximize depreciation for your financial statement and taxes.
  • Record and cost out your merchandise inventory.
  • Help you avoid costly losses from fraud and theft.
  • Catch errors on your bank statement and errors in your ledger cash account before they cost you money
  • Recording of daily financial transaction and its posting in the relevant account.

What this means to your company:

  • Base important decision on accurate financial data.
  • Avoid problems with the IRS.
  • Get all the depreciation deduction you are entitled to.
  • Provide accurate financial data to your bank, investors or other interested parties.
  • Keep track of cash on timely basis.
  • Always have the value of inventory on hand.
  • Prevent employee theft of cash or other assets.